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Expert Health & Disease Management

Nurturing Nature, One Tree at a Time

Trees are vital to our environment and landscape. At Get-R-Cut, we’re dedicated to preserving their health and beauty. Our comprehensive tree health and disease management services focus on prevention, accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment, ensuring the longevity and vibrancy of your trees. We believe in more than just cutting down trees; we’re committed to caring for them and keeping as many as possible thriving.

crab apple tree

Apple Scab on Crab Apples

As spring emerges, Apple Scab becomes a concern for Crab Apple trees. This fungal disease, peaking in early spring, manifests as dark, velvety spots on leaves and fruits. Our specialized treatment plan includes timely fungicide applications and cultural practices to prevent its spread and safeguard your Crab Apples.

maple tar

Combating Maple Tar Spots

Tar Spot, a fungal disease affecting Maples, leaves distinctive black spots on leaves. Although primarily cosmetic, it can weaken trees over time. In early spring, our expert team initiates preventive and curative measures to protect your Maple trees and maintain their aesthetic appeal.

tree fertilization probe

Tree Fertilization – Spring & Fall Treatments

Proper nutrition is crucial for all trees. Our comprehensive fertilization program ensures your trees receive the essential nutrients for robust growth and disease resistance, tailored to each tree species and their unique needs.


Rhizosphaera Needle Cast in Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce trees are susceptible to Rhizosphaera Needle Cast, especially in early spring. Characterized by needle discoloration and drop, this disease requires careful management. Our team employs targeted treatments and cultural practices during warm days to control this disease and protect your Blue Spruce.

spongy moth

Managing Spongy Moth (Gypsy Moth) in Oaks, White Pines, and Spruce

Spongy Moth infestation can severely impact White Pines, Spruce, and Oak trees during spring. Our approach includes early detection and environmentally responsible treatments to control these pests, preserving the integrity and health of your Oak trees.

hemlock woolly adelgid

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Control

The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid poses a significant threat in killing the tree all year round. Our experts employ safe and effective treatment methods to combat these pests, ensuring the longevity and health of your Hemlock trees.

emerald borer

Spring Protection Against Emerald Ash Borer for Ash Trees

The Emerald Ash Borer, a major threat to Ash trees, is most active in spring. We provide proactive treatments to prevent infestation and techniques to treat affected trees, aiming to preserve your Ash trees’ health and structure.

elongated hemlock scale

Elongated Hemlock Scale Treatment

Elongated Hemlock Scale, affecting Hemlock trees, becomes prominent in late spring to early summer. Our targeted treatments focus on controlling these pests while maintaining the overall health of your Hemlock trees.

cottony maple scale

Cottony Maple Scale Management

Cottony Maple Scale can affect Maple trees in late spring and early summer. Our experts implement effective control measures to manage these pests, ensuring your Maple trees remain healthy and beautiful.

magnolia scale

Combating Magnolia Scale

Magnolia Scale becomes a concern in late spring and early summer. Our effective treatment plans aim to protect your Magnolia trees from this pest, preserving their ornamental value and health.

spider mite

Spider Mite Control in Various Trees

Spider Mites can infest a variety of trees during early to mid-summer. Our careful monitoring and treatment strategies ensure these pests are controlled, safeguarding the health of your trees.

oak wilt 2

Oak Wilt Management

Oak Wilt, particularly problematic from mid to late summer, requires prompt and effective management. Our experts use advanced techniques to diagnose and treat Oak Wilt, helping to prevent its spread and protect your Oak trees.

Nurture the Health of Your Trees with Expert Care

Reach out to us now for an expert assessment and learn how our specialized tree health and disease management services can enhance the well-being of your trees.