Elongated Hemlock Scale Treatment

What is Hemlock Scale?

Elongated Hemlock Scale (Fiorinia externa) is a sap-feeding insect that infests Hemlock trees (Tsuga species), causing yellowing of needles, premature needle drop, and overall decline in tree health. These tiny, oval-shaped insects form elongated white structures on the underside of Hemlock branches, where they feed on sap and excrete honeydew, attracting sooty mold and further damaging the tree.

Our Approach

At Get-R-Cut, we employ a comprehensive approach to treating Elongated Hemlock Scale infestations, focusing on targeted treatments and cultural practices to control these pests and preserve the health of your Hemlock trees.

Understanding Elongated Hemlock Scale

Elongated Hemlock Scale, a common pest affecting Hemlock trees, becomes prominent in late spring to early summer, posing a threat to the health and aesthetics of your landscape. At Get-R-Cut, our targeted treatments focus on controlling these pests while maintaining the overall health of your Hemlock trees.

Targeted Treatments

Don’t let Elongated Hemlock Scale infestations compromise the health and beauty of your Hemlock trees.

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Thinning the canopy of Hemlock trees promotes better air circulation and sunlight penetration, creating an environment less favorable to Elongated Hemlock Scale infestations.

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Horticultural Oils

We apply horticultural oils to Hemlock trees to suffocate and disrupt the life cycle of Elongated Hemlock Scale insects, reducing their numbers and preventing further damage to the tree.

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Systemic Insecticides:

Systemic insecticides are injected into the soil or directly into the tree’s vascular system, providing long-lasting protection against Elongated Hemlock Scale infestations by targeting the insects where they feed.

Protect Your Hemlock Trees Today

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