Understanding Apple Scab on Crab Apples

What is Apple Scab?

Apple Scab is a common fungal disease that affects Crab Apple trees, particularly during the spring months. It is caused by the fungus Venturia inaequalis and can lead to unsightly blemishes on leaves and fruits, compromising the tree’s health and aesthetic appeal.

Identifying Apple Scab Symptoms

  • Dark, Velvety Spots: The most recognizable symptom of Apple Scab is the development of dark, velvety spots on the leaves and fruits of Crab Apple trees.
  • Leaf Deformation: Infected leaves may become distorted or develop lesions, eventually leading to premature leaf drop.
  • Fruit Damage: Fruits affected by Apple Scab often exhibit raised, scabby lesions, rendering them unattractive and potentially inedible.

The Importance of Treating Apple Scab

Unchecked, Apple Scab can weaken Crab Apple trees over time, compromising their overall health and vigor. Additionally, the unsightly appearance of infected leaves and fruits detracts from the tree’s ornamental value, diminishing its appeal in landscapes and gardens.

Timely Fungicide Applications

We implement a strategic schedule of fungicide applications, targeting key stages in the development of Apple Scab to inhibit fungal growth and prevent further infection.

Cultural Practices for Prevention

In addition to fungicide treatments, we advocate for cultural practices that help minimize the risk of Apple Scab, such as:

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Proper pruning techniques promote air circulation and sunlight penetration, creating an environment less conducive to fungal proliferation.

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Removing fallen leaves and fruits promptly reduces the presence of fungal spores on the ground, minimizing the likelihood of reinfection.

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Site Selection

Choosing well-drained locations with ample sunlight can deter the development and spread of Apple Scab.

Protect Your Crab Apples Today!

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