Tree Pruning

Our Arborists are the best in the industry at pruning, they have many years of experience in properly pruning trees to allow them to live in a healthy environment for many years to come. There are many different forms of pruning that take place, depending on the needs of the client. Each client and tree will receive the same level of care as specified in the ANSI A300 standards

Our Certified Arborists will help you identify what your goals are, what the trees needs are and where and how much to prune your trees. Our Certified Arborists follow industry ANSI A300 standards for reduction cuts, heading cuts, vista pruning, thinning, crown cleaning (dead wood), and any other type of trimming needed.

Oak Pruning Pruning Timing

Oak trees need to be pruned in the dormant season to avoid the spread of Oak Wilt, which can be an extremely devastating disease leading to the death of the tree and other neighboring trees if allowed to spread. Please consult the calendar below for timing regarding pruning. If you have further questions, you can request for an Arborist Consultation by one of Our Certified Arborists that are Oak Wilt qualified by the ISA. We would love to be able to do you help you in caring for your piece of the urban forest.

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