Powerline Right of Way Maintenance

As powerlines delivering electricity are a critical part of our infrastructure in maintaining creature comforts in our modern day lifestyle, trees, powerlines, and electricity can sometimes make for extremely hazardous combinations. Whether the trees are hazardous and pose a threat to the infrastructure or a combination of snow, ice, and weather related conditions with a mixture of the trees, lead to hazardous conditions in many combinations in which trees play a part in the risk when it comes to electricity. As Certified Arborists we have a good understanding of the tree species and the different growth, characteristics. When regarding growth and structure following the ANSI A300 standards, we can prune and care for the trees or remove the hazardous trees to be able to protect the critical infrastructure that each one of us relies on. Being trained in “electrical awareness, hazard prevention” along with the latest technology and equipment we are able to safely work around power lines and conductors safely and efficiently. We understand that the general public is not always in favor of trees being removed on their property to accommodate for the power line right of way. As we interact with the general public, we make every effort to try and listen to their needs and come up with a solution if it is a realistic request, providing that the utility owner is in agreement with the solution.

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