Land and Lot Clearing

As Certified Arborists we have a unique skill set in dealing with specialized land and lot clearing projects. Whether they have restricted access, or there are special needs specific to that job site, we also can do an evaluation prior to starting the project and help the client determine which trees would be good candidates to keep and incorporate into the landscape of the new construction build. We can also put together a comprehensive plan to protect those trees during construction by making sure the trees adequately fit the space needed for the construction project. We can build fences around the critical root zone to protect the tree’s root system during construction. We could also provide root pruning or fertilization prior to starting the construction project to ensure that the tree is vigorous. We can also help clients with establishing trees that can be used for privacy after the construction project is completed. One of our Arborists can assist in providing a tree preservation strategy for your construction project.

We also have the skillset and training when working in areas that are heavily wooded with oak trees, to prevent the risk of spreading Oak Wilt to neighboring trees and properties. We have the skillset to protect the remaining trees and reduce the risk of spreading of Oak Wilt with proper handling of the wood and stumps.

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