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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree,
How lovely are your branches!
In beauty green will always grow
Through summer sun and winter snow.
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Get r cut dot com

My ask is for your brother with a pine spruce or any other member of the conifer family that is unhealthy. The 2011 weed killer IMPRELIS produced by DuPont has been recalled and is responsible for killing many trees. If this is the case DuPont will pay for the trees to be removed and replaced with healthy ones...

Hi I'm Becky Baxter with JB Landscape Services where we are the experts at tree removal, tree trimming and stump grinding. This Friday September 7 is the Fruitport Trojans football game against Spring Lake at 7pm. We are sponsoring the game and will be there with our bucket truck. My ask this week is for your football fanatic friend... We would like you to bring them to the game for a personal introducti​on to us. If you don't have a football fanatic friend...t​hen surely you have a friend that loves popcorn and hot dogs! So we can't wait to see you on Friday night with your friends! Again I'm Becky Baxter with JB Landscape Services..​.get-r-cut​.com


We would like you all to come out and support us at the Fruitport/Spring Lake varsity football game at the beautiful home of the Fruitport Trojans- on Friday September 7 at 7pm. Get-R-Cut.com (a forestry division of JB Landscape Services) will be sponsoring this particular game.

We will be doing giveaways and door prizes that will help support Fruitport Athletics. Come out and enjoy good football lots of fun for a good cause... Plus you will receive an added bonus because you can watch my son who it Fruitport's Varsity Quarterback!

Mistake #1:
Hiring the cheapest contractor is not always the cheapest.

Mistake #2:
Not verifying if the contractor has insurance and workmans comp.

Mistake #3:
Not checking references for the contractor.

Mistake #4:
Trying to do the work yourself. Now... in your opinion, was this a cost effective move?

No...THESE ARE ALL BIG MISTAKES that cost you money. Your best bet is to have the job profesionally done. In the long
run it will save you $$$$...


We would like you to know that at Get-R-Cut.com / JB Landscape Services we are proud to be environmentally friendly.

We believe that we are to be good stewards of what God has given us. When we do a tree job, one hundred percent of the tree will be recycled into timber, landscape mulch, firewood, compost and other forms of renewable energy. We would like to ask you that if you know any tree huggers to introduce them to us so we can educate them on how to provide a better environment...


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what people say

  • Get-R-Cut.com is represented in my BNI group by Jared's wife Becky. My 1st experience with Jared was to cut a large tree down in my step son's yard. This tree was hanging over the house & not in very good condition. He came out to evaluate & give an estimate. He then arrived & did the job exactly when he said he would and for a reasonable price. He also removed several stumps in my yard the same day.

    Since then we acquire fire wood for our central boiler in which we depend on for heat & hot water for our home and my business.

    Thank you Jared & Becky for doing such a great job!
    Tracey McGhan

  • JB does my snow plowing for my auto repair shop also has done some landscape work as well... great job. I would refer them to anyone.
    Jim Flannery Jr.

  • We have had Jared at our home several times doing work. If you want someone to cut down your trees and clean up your mess, Jared is the man for you. You won't even see a leaf on the ground when he's done. We wouldn't think of using anyone else.
    Ray & Sharon Genter
    Flowers by Ray & Sharon

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