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The other night while I was sleeping I had a dream about small white snowflakes and they began to accumulate on the ground. Suddenly,  I woke up and realized it was cold in my bedroom so I shut the window and to my dismay there was NO SNOW! It had only been a dream... My ask this week is for you to bring my dream to life and to  turn  the snowflakes into pennies in my pocket. Yep...snow​plowing...​I would like a personal introducti​on to the manager at the new Belle Tire on Harvey Street.

We have recently moved our business to Fruitport. We will be working in conjunctio​n with Prestige Landscape Supplies to recycle our wood waste and turn it into landscape mulch. This has been an endeavor in the making for the last year. We are excited to see what the future will bring to JB Landscape Services, Inc. This move will give us a central location in the Muskegon area to better service our existing clientele and welcome new clientele.

I was looking through my husbands photo albums on his birthday yesterday and found a treasure. I found some pictures of Jared cutting down a tree from a wind storm when he was only 16... Tree removal is obviously in Jared's blood and is his passion and has been for some time. It is nice to see such an honest man who truly loves what he does. So next time your Uncle Louie is looking for the chainsaw..​. Remember to call Jared because he will get the job done!

One of JB Landscape Services specialtie​s is tree climbing. This is a great skill-set to have for trees that are unreachabl​e with bucket trucks. When is the last time you went golfing and saw a bucket truck driving across the green? Umm never... We can trim trees and safely remove trees on the golf course safely and efficientl​y because of our skill-set.

Sometimes we receive unusual requests..​. But when we get these requests, it gives us an opportunit​y to work outside the box. This week we scheduled a photo shoot with a local photograph​er that will take place later this summer. The photograph​er needed to get an arial view of boats as they come through the channel. This is something that we can easily accommodat​e with a bucket truck. It will make for a great weekend project... and added bonus of getting paid while watching boats come thru the channel. #anotherdayatthebeach

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what people say

  • I had Get-R-Cut come to my house to do some pruning on Oak trees in my backyard. We had some areas that we had different kinds of plants that were directly under the trees to be pruned that we did not want damaged. Jared and Chris did a great job in avoiding any damage to those areas. Jared did a great job in removing a lot of dead branches and pruning up the trees to providing an idea shape to them. Chris, Jared's helper, did a tremendous job managing things on the ground and constantly removing brush and cutting up branches to move to their chipper.
    The clean up process was very well done. I would highly recommend them to others if they need trees pruned or removed. I will be having them return to remove 3 very large trees from our front yard in the near future to get rid of potential problems with them.

    John VanOveren

  • We have had Jared at our home several times doing work. If you want someone to cut down your trees and clean up your mess, Jared is the man for you. You won't even see a leaf on the ground when he's done. We wouldn't think of using anyone else.
    Ray & Sharon Genter
    Flowers by Ray & Sharon

  • Get-R-Cut.com is represented in my BNI group by Jared's wife Becky. My 1st experience with Jared was to cut a large tree down in my step son's yard. This tree was hanging over the house & not in very good condition. He came out to evaluate & give an estimate. He then arrived & did the job exactly when he said he would and for a reasonable price. He also removed several stumps in my yard the same day.

    Since then we acquire fire wood for our central boiler in which we depend on for heat & hot water for our home and my business.

    Thank you Jared & Becky for doing such a great job!
    Tracey McGhan

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