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Tree Service Blog

We have had an awesome time at the Home and Garden Show at the Lakes Mall this weekend. We have met a lot of friendly faces and prosective customers. We really enjoyed the opportunity to be part of this show. Hopefully we can transition into tree work as soon as possible...We are ready for spring and for the snow to melt!

This morning I would like to tell you about oak trees. My ask is for your neighbor who has a large oak tree in their front yard that has dead wood and needs to be trimmed. Soon spring will be upon us and we will no longer be able to trim or prune oak trees during late spring and summer months due to Oak Wilt. When you want it done right call the experts at get-r- cut.com.

As blueberry prices are reaching an all time HIGH...Far​mers are clearing their land and putting in as many blueberry bushes as possible. My ask this week is for blueberry farmers. I would like a warm introducti​on to a blueberry farmer that is expanding their operation.

How many of you here are familiar with Emerald Ash Borer? For those of you who are unfamiliar with emerald ash borer. This insect was introduced to the united states from Asia in the early 1990's. Since then, it is estimated that it has killed over 158,000 Ash trees in Michigan alone. My ask is for a warm introducti​on to the person in charge of ground maintenanc​e at Dr. Martin Luther Luteran Church on Hile Road in Muskegon. The church has two Ash trees on the property that are infected beyond the treatment stage with Emerald Ash Boar. If these trees are left standing over the winter, it will allow for another reproducti​on cycle of the Emerald Ash Borer and if not dealt with, the results will be devistatin​g for the surroundin​g neighborho​od.

Due to the sensitive nature of doing tree work in a Cemetery there are many good reasons to do this work during the winter. Some reason are that the ground is frozen, the urns have been removed as well as there are minimal visitors & all of the trees have to be climbed because of not having access with the bucket truck. The cooler weather is much more conducive than the dead heat of the summer.

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what people say

  • JB does my snow plowing for my auto repair shop also has done some landscape work as well... great job. I would refer them to anyone.
    Jim Flannery Jr.

  • I met Jared at a Business Network International meeting. Every person I spoke with recommended JB Landscape Services for their professionalism, dependability, honesty, and integrity.

    I asked for a load of seasoned hardwood cut in 16" lengths. Forty-eight hours later we had a full cord and a short bit more. It appeared to be a mixture of oak, birch, and hickory. None of it appeared to be green. We have burned three fires and each one has been perfect--easy to start--and each burned to complete ash.

    I understand that they have since begun focusing their business solely on the tree service side of landscaping as Get-R-Cut.com. There is every reason to believe that this is the perfect realignment.

    At least from this experience, I wholeheartedly recommend this family owned business.

    Thanks Baxter's. You're great!
    Jim Weidner

  • We have had Jared at our home several times doing work. If you want someone to cut down your trees and clean up your mess, Jared is the man for you. You won't even see a leaf on the ground when he's done. We wouldn't think of using anyone else.
    Ray & Sharon Genter
    Flowers by Ray & Sharon

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