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I'm thinking Oak Trees...I'm thinking that Glen Oaks Apartments has some Oak Trees that need to be trimmed or removed. I am looking for a personal introduction to the Maintenance Manager at Glen Oaks Apartments...Then we can do what we do best...TREE WORK! Get-R-Cut.com

April showers bring May flowers? With all this Michigan weather we've been having, how many of you have lost your driveways? And now they're underwater​...and once you realized you had no driveway you now know you need to have it grated...and have some gravel brought in...and have your driveway regraded - well you can count on us to get the job done. We can take care of all your driveway needs at JB Landscape Services. Get-R-Cut.com

The season for trimming Oak Trees is almost coming to a close. The reason for this is because of Oak Wilt. A good way to remember WHEN to trim Oak Trees safely is this: If the Oak Trees do NOT have leaves on the trees then it is SAFE to trim Oak Trees! If there are leaves on the trees...this is DANGEROUS for your Oak Trees and your tree could get Oak Wilt...thus causing your Oak Tree to eventually die. Talk about SAD! :-( If you are ever in question....contact the experts at get-r-cut.com

After being an island dweller for a week, Jared has decided that he needs to do tree work on an island...m​y ask this week is for your uncle Jethro who owns a home on Beaver Island...Let Jared be the professional with the chainsaw and remove those trees! We ARE the experts at tree removal, tree trimming and stump grinding. get-r-cut.com

Even though it is Spring Break, Tree Removal can happen. We are on Little Gasparilla Island in Florida and there is a need for Tree Maintenance and Removal right here on the island! We are looking for the person in charge of keeping this island beautiful! Let the  professionals at JB Landscape Services, Inc. get the job done. get-r-cut.com

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what people say

  • They took our two trims, did other trimming and cleaned up well. I am totally satisfied with their work and recommend them. They went beyond expectations.
    John Jack

  • Get-R-Cut.com is represented in my BNI group by Jared's wife Becky. My 1st experience with Jared was to cut a large tree down in my step son's yard. This tree was hanging over the house & not in very good condition. He came out to evaluate & give an estimate. He then arrived & did the job exactly when he said he would and for a reasonable price. He also removed several stumps in my yard the same day.

    Since then we acquire fire wood for our central boiler in which we depend on for heat & hot water for our home and my business.

    Thank you Jared & Becky for doing such a great job!
    Tracey McGhan

  • JB does my snow plowing for my auto repair shop also has done some landscape work as well... great job. I would refer them to anyone.
    Jim Flannery Jr.

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