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Tree Service Blog

At JB Landscape Services we offer tree planting services. If you or your family member would like help picking out the right tree to be planted, our expert staff is ready to assist. And remember when you think trees, think get-r-cut.com.

At JB Landscape Services, we know trees. Oak trees, Maple trees, Elm trees, Birch trees, Pine trees, Cedar Trees...all sorts of trees! But-I'm looking for a money tree...and for some reason I cant seem to find one of those! Well I guess since I cant find a money tree, any old tree will do. Please call us for all of your tree removal needs! And remember if you find a money tree, you know who to call!

Here at JB Landscape Services our climbers know the ropes. Our employees are skilled at climbing trees. They are especially skilled at climbing those hard to reach trees that bucket trucks cannot get to. My ask for this week is for your friend who has trees that need to be trimmed or removed on lakefront property.

At JB Landscape Services, no job is too small. Yesterday Jared trimmed a tree for a customer who was not getting good reception with his satellite dish. Jared accommodated the requests and trimmed the tree. The customer now can enjoy watching his favorite tv shows again! My ask is for your neighbor Wally who needs his tree trimmed so he too can enjoy some tv time!  Get-R-Cut.com

Would you believe that no job is too small? We have been changing light bulbs in parking lots. I know, changing light bulbs...who knew? I know it sounds nothing like tree work. However, our bucket truck is pretty handy. We have used our bucket truck to change light bulbs in parking lots at area businesses lately. So, the question is...do you have a referral for your Uncle Larry who's lights are out in his business parking lot? Tell him to call JB Landscape Services Inc....The experts. Get-R-Cut.com

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what people say

  • I met Jared at a Business Network International meeting. Every person I spoke with recommended JB Landscape Services for their professionalism, dependability, honesty, and integrity.

    I asked for a load of seasoned hardwood cut in 16" lengths. Forty-eight hours later we had a full cord and a short bit more. It appeared to be a mixture of oak, birch, and hickory. None of it appeared to be green. We have burned three fires and each one has been perfect--easy to start--and each burned to complete ash.

    I understand that they have since begun focusing their business solely on the tree service side of landscaping as Get-R-Cut.com. There is every reason to believe that this is the perfect realignment.

    At least from this experience, I wholeheartedly recommend this family owned business.

    Thanks Baxter's. You're great!
    Jim Weidner

  • JB does my snow plowing for my auto repair shop also has done some landscape work as well... great job. I would refer them to anyone.
    Jim Flannery Jr.

  • I have known Jared for a couple of years. Get-R-Cut.com is a great team for tree trimming, snow removal, and more... I would recommend them in a heartbeat.
    John Miedema

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