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According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Emerald Ash Borer has been responsible for the decline and death of more than 25 million ash trees in the United States.There have been several sitings in Michigan and in certain parts of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland.

Adult beetles are a bright metallic green color. They have rounded abdomens and flat backs. They are present from mid-May through late July.

Things to watch for with Emerald Ash Borer:

• Dieback of the leaves - begins in the upper third of the tree and going downward over time. 
• Vertical splits in the bark. • D-shaped exit holes are only 0.125" wide in the bark of the trunk and limbs, the result the emergence of newly formed adults beginning in May. 
• S-shaped channels that are found under the bark, caused by larval feeding over the winter.
Be prepared and keep a watchful eye out for these pests! Contact on of our arborists if you have further questions.

Has another storm brought distress to your yard – maybe uprooted some trees, possibly broken branches, and stray debris around? Well, as a proud homeowner, I know you are understandably tempted to fire up that old chain saw that is in your garage... Please - please don't!

Tree work is very dangerous, and with post-storm cleanup there are a new set of hazards that come with the territory. Take my advice - stay safe...and...hire a professional arborist instead.






The Giant African Snail feeds on approximately more than 500 types of plants. When fruits and vegetables are not available, it will feed on ornamental plants, tree bark and often paint and stucco on houses, causing structural damage to the house. One sign of this pest is seeing the large snail, which is typically the size of an adult fist. These snails are located in Florida and Hawaii, but they have also been found elsewhere in the U.S. in classrooms for use in science lessons by teachers who are unaware of this threat. This is another pest that we hope to not see feeding on our trees in Michigan.

The Giant African Snail

Giant African Snail

The light brown apple moth causes the greatest damage to backyard gardens and produce. Some of the plants are items tree care professionals may treat, including Poplar and Eucalyptus trees. Signs include visible caterpillars and adult moths, as well as damaged fruit or vegetables. The moth is found in California and Hawaii. Hopefully we won't see it in Michigan. However, it is good to be aware of these pests.

Light Brown Apple Moth

Light Brown Apple Moth

Sudden Oak death (SOD) is caused by a water mold pathogen. It is considered to be dangerous because it affects a wide variety of trees and there is no known cure. Signs include bark cankers, leaf spots and twig dieback. SOD is currently in California and Oregon. Hopefully we never see this in Michigan.

Sudden Oak Death

Sudden Oak Death

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  • I had Get-R-Cut come to my house to do some pruning on Oak trees in my backyard. We had some areas that we had different kinds of plants that were directly under the trees to be pruned that we did not want damaged. Jared and Chris did a great job in avoiding any damage to those areas. Jared did a great job in removing a lot of dead branches and pruning up the trees to providing an idea shape to them. Chris, Jared's helper, did a tremendous job managing things on the ground and constantly removing brush and cutting up branches to move to their chipper.
    The clean up process was very well done. I would highly recommend them to others if they need trees pruned or removed. I will be having them return to remove 3 very large trees from our front yard in the near future to get rid of potential problems with them.

    John VanOveren

  • They took our two trims, did other trimming and cleaned up well. I am totally satisfied with their work and recommend them. They went beyond expectations.
    John Jack

  • I have known Jared for a couple of years. Get-R-Cut.com is a great team for tree trimming, snow removal, and more... I would recommend them in a heartbeat.
    John Miedema

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