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JB Landscape Services -- one of the primary services we provide is snowplowing for businesses. Our primary clients are in the commercial market. The ideal customer for us in the snowplowing industry -- the customers for whom we have the right tools to meet their needs and the experience to do efficient, effective quality work are condo associations, strip malls, shopping centers, and any industrial business or small business location. This allows us to focus specifically on their needs! So why would you choose JB Landscape Services over literally, over a hundred plowing contractors in the Muskegon area?

Let's start by describing some of the services we provide when we do snowplowing of your business. Not only do we plow your lot, but we shovel your sidewalks. In addition, we provide salting services for the sidewalks as well as for the parking lot. We want to make sure that your clients and customers can safely arrive and leave your place of business without you worrying about them falling down! That's not only good for business, it may prevent a lawsuit.

We also can remove the snow from the site and move it to another facility or if the snow gets in the way of the lot and you need more parking room we can stack the snow with a loader or it can be removed from the site with a dump truck to another location.

We are also properly insured as a snow plow company and have coverages for doing this work! In case we hit your building or hit a parked vehicle we have coverages were a lot of companies that we compete with (especially the smaller ones) don't have these coverages.

Another thing that will set us apart from some of our competition is the fact that we have multiple vehicles and multiple different configurations of plows -- not one plow fits all jobs. Every job requires a certain piece of equipment to do that job the best. When we go to the tool box to pull out a tool, we have many different tools to choosefrom. We can use a tool that best fits your job and your application as well as providing very good quality service with a good clean job!

We get the job done on time and stay on time so that when you come to work in the morning, the plowing work is done and you will not have to worry about you or your employees getting in or getting out. It's the quality of service that will separate from many of our competitors.

So when service is what you are looking for, Jared Baxter, JB Landscape Services is the guy to get-r-done!

If you have not yet seen it, here is my most recent video. In this video, you can see us clearing land, tree trimming, and gathering firewood.


Not only can we clear your land, take off the brush, and grind stumps, we also produce and sell firewood.

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what people say

  • JB does my snow plowing for my auto repair shop also has done some landscape work as well... great job. I would refer them to anyone.
    Jim Flannery Jr.

  • Jared and his Team at Get-R-Cut did an excellent job removing two trees in our back yard and trimming 4 large oaks we had in our front yard. I have worked with Jared on other projects in the past and I will continue to call on Jared for future projects.
    Eloy Martinez

  • I have known Jared for a couple of years. Get-R-Cut.com is a great team for tree trimming, snow removal, and more... I would recommend them in a heartbeat.
    John Miedema

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