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As vines grows around a trees it chokes the life out of the tree and slowly kills it. While vines look very nice growing on trees... the results are devastating.

Case in point... don't let vines grow on your trees... that is ...unless you hate the tree and want it dead anyways... So if you or your neighbor have vines growing on their tree and would like to save the tree before it is too late give us a call, and we can take care of the problem for you, and save your tree.

Have a wonderful Summer...


This week we at JB Landscaping found what is believed to be an Asian longhorn beetle, which is an invasive species not native to Michigan or the United States. We sent the bug in to Michigan State University for DNA testing at which point they will follow protocol for dealing with the bug and further inspections.

This just goes to show that we are different than most tree services. We care about the health and well being of your trees. If it bugs you... BUG US...


At JB Landscape Services - we are the experts at tree removal and tree trimming. We would like to share a quote with you from SSGT Lucas Carr who served in Iraq for 5 years in the US Army Rangers, and who currently owns Pathfinder Tree Service in Massachusetts.

During an interview SSGT was asked how does tree work compare to your tours in Iraq? His reply was... "Outsmarting limbs is definitely harder than dodging bullets and that's the truth." We at JB Landscaping find this quote very interesting in the fact that SSGT would draw a parallel between dodging bullets & tree work! Everyday when we face our job, it is not faced with fear but with great respect for the danger that it poses. We ask that if you have a friend who is a VET that could benefit from the use of our services let them know about us...


Get-R-Cut.com / JB Landscape Services are the experts in tree removal and tree trimming. We provide 24 hour emergency storm service. When a tree has fallen onto a house or a building structure we provide immediate assistance with quick response times.

We use our crane to remove the trees from any structure to prevent further damage. In the event that there is a hole in the roof, we will tarp the roof to prevent water damage to the house. By doing this we can save you and your insurance company thousands of dollars from additional losses. Our goal is to bring value to our customers in everything that we do. This is why JB Landscape Services should be your number one choice!...


Oh but wait... There's more... Not only can we remove the overgrown jungle in your backyard but we can install new lawns as well. So let me walk you through the process...

Step 1. Remove 100ft. Spruce that was dead due to lightning strike. Step 2. Clean up and haul away all wood debris. Step 3. Grind stumps out of yard. Step 4. Prep sub-grade. Step 5. Truck in topsoil. Step 6. Spread topsoil. Step 7. Seed bed prep. Step 8. Seed. Step 9. Clean up driveway and sidewalks. Step 10. Enjoy the nice new lawn!!!

If there is an Aunt Martha out there who complains that she can't walk on her lawn with her bare feet and would like that nice lush green carpet feel. Oh by the way... This was installed as a green/environmentally friendly lawn with water saving technology...


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what people say

  • I had Get-R-Cut come to my house to do some pruning on Oak trees in my backyard. We had some areas that we had different kinds of plants that were directly under the trees to be pruned that we did not want damaged. Jared and Chris did a great job in avoiding any damage to those areas. Jared did a great job in removing a lot of dead branches and pruning up the trees to providing an idea shape to them. Chris, Jared's helper, did a tremendous job managing things on the ground and constantly removing brush and cutting up branches to move to their chipper.
    The clean up process was very well done. I would highly recommend them to others if they need trees pruned or removed. I will be having them return to remove 3 very large trees from our front yard in the near future to get rid of potential problems with them.

    John VanOveren

  • I have known Jared for a couple of years. Get-R-Cut.com is a great team for tree trimming, snow removal, and more... I would recommend them in a heartbeat.
    John Miedema

  • We have had Jared at our home several times doing work. If you want someone to cut down your trees and clean up your mess, Jared is the man for you. You won't even see a leaf on the ground when he's done. We wouldn't think of using anyone else.
    Ray & Sharon Genter
    Flowers by Ray & Sharon

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