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We at Get-R-Cut are experts tree climbers and we also have a bucket truck that can extend to places Jared will not climb because of safety reasons. The bucket truck is an awesome tool to have especially when helping assist with hard to reach places. Last week Jared helped paint the scoreboard for Beach Football League with the use of the bucket truck. My ask this week is for your favorite football team who needs their scoreboard painted. Remeber Get-R-Cut.com for all of your tree care needs.

We are looking for that uncle of yours that wants a better view of the lake but all the tree are blocking their view. Have your uncle call your friends at Get-R-Cut.com for the most relaxing view possible. Remember...we are the experts and are able to assist!

When people buy a new home, often times they get inspections to make sure the house is sound. Electric inspections, furnace inspections, mold or lead inspections etc. Many people never consider an inspection for the health of their trees. A hazards evaluation will let you know if your tree in healthy or if it is dying. The trees health is important because if a tree is unhealthy and it falls, it could be dangerous to the homeowner, the house,and other structures. Jared is an expert at this, he will help you determine if there a risk or not. Remember to call Jared will all of your tree care needs!

How many people add on to their homes? I am pretty sure there are a lot. Often times there are trees in the way of where you would like to add on to your house. In cases like this, we are just who you need. We are experts at tree removal, tree trimming and stump grinding. Call for a free estimate today and get that addition project started! Get-R-Cut.com

At Get-R-Cut.com, Jared removed 9 Oak trees from a customers property. It all started with one Oak tree that had Oak Wilt and has now killed ALL of the 9 trees that are on the customers property. Three years ago only 1 tree was infected with Oak Wilt and now sadly all the trees had to be removed. If your friend Larry has a tree that he thinks might be infected with Oak Wilt, call us immediately so the tree can be diagnosed.

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what people say

  • I met Jared at a Business Network International meeting. Every person I spoke with recommended JB Landscape Services for their professionalism, dependability, honesty, and integrity.

    I asked for a load of seasoned hardwood cut in 16" lengths. Forty-eight hours later we had a full cord and a short bit more. It appeared to be a mixture of oak, birch, and hickory. None of it appeared to be green. We have burned three fires and each one has been perfect--easy to start--and each burned to complete ash.

    I understand that they have since begun focusing their business solely on the tree service side of landscaping as Get-R-Cut.com. There is every reason to believe that this is the perfect realignment.

    At least from this experience, I wholeheartedly recommend this family owned business.

    Thanks Baxter's. You're great!
    Jim Weidner

  • I had Get-R-Cut come to my house to do some pruning on Oak trees in my backyard. We had some areas that we had different kinds of plants that were directly under the trees to be pruned that we did not want damaged. Jared and Chris did a great job in avoiding any damage to those areas. Jared did a great job in removing a lot of dead branches and pruning up the trees to providing an idea shape to them. Chris, Jared's helper, did a tremendous job managing things on the ground and constantly removing brush and cutting up branches to move to their chipper.
    The clean up process was very well done. I would highly recommend them to others if they need trees pruned or removed. I will be having them return to remove 3 very large trees from our front yard in the near future to get rid of potential problems with them.

    John VanOveren

  • I have known Jared for a couple of years. Get-R-Cut.com is a great team for tree trimming, snow removal, and more... I would recommend them in a heartbeat.
    John Miedema

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